Roast Beefyweefs (hangtthedj) wrote in vaginapagina,
Roast Beefyweefs

HBC in hot car?

Hi all!

I've searched the comm for info on this but got mixed information at best, so I wanted to ask anew.

I'm taking norethindrone, aka the progestin-only pill.

I left my pills in the trunk of my car for about 8 hrs today. It was around 90°F outside today and the car was in the sun for all of the 8 hrs my pills were in the trunk, so it definitely got hot in there, but I don't know how hot. The pill pack was very warm to the touch when I took it out (but not what I'd call "hot", necessarily; I didn't have to drop it or hold it gingerly to avoid getting burnt). It had been inside a bag, inside a box, underneath a bunch of stuff, so I'm sure it got insulated a bit from the full force of the heat, but it still was probably above the 77°F recommended temperature that's printed on the blister pack.

My pharmacy is closed right now so I can't get another pack to start a new one tonight. I've called a few pharmacies around here that are still open, and gotten mixed info from them. One says it's probably totally fine because tablets are built to withstand temps higher than room temperature (makes sense because what if you live in a house without A/C during the summer, or your power goes out and your house gets hot, etc.?). One says there's no way to tell but they're probably ineffective. One says they're definitely ineffective.

I just got married yesterday and my husband and I are going on our honeymoon tomorrow. I really do not want to be messing with my HBC right now and causing myself cramps and side-effects from screwing up the schedule, and potentially coming home with a honeymoon pregnancy.

VPers, what do you think? Are my current pack of pills probably okay?
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