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Mid-Cycle Bleeding/Period Weirdness

Hi VPers,

First off, thank you all so much for your help on my last issue. I'm afraid my period is still being extremely weird, and I'm kinda frightened. My period is usually like clockwork, but in the May cycle it was a full week late. I posted about pregnancy concerns, despite there being very little risk, and I tested three times, getting negative readings on each one. Then, my period went ahead and started, and I thought everything would go back to normal.

Apparently not, unfortunately. :( My period for June started right on time (the 14th), but there was a lot of brown spotting beforehand, up to a couple of days! I thought that was odd, but not too out of the norm. Then, it started, and I bled somewhat lightly (but not too lightly) for about three days, and then it tapered off to just brown discharge again. I also had almost no cramping during that time I was bleeding. After the bleeding died down, and I thought my period was over, there was still some residual light brown discharge coming for up to a week afterward. That ended too, but started up again today. Now, I'm having some cramping and last time I went into the restroom, there was some actual blood. 

I just don't know what's going on. I'm going to call my doctor on Monday, when they open again. I feel silly, because I schedule my yearly pelvic exam, thinking this was no big deal earlier today, and then suddenly I bled much more. When I tried to call back, they were closed. :( I don't think there is any pregnancy risk - my partner and I use withdrawal, condoms, and rhythm methods to prevent pregnancy, and there have been no accidents since I tested in May. If it helps, I have been going through some lifestyle changes. I graduated college in May, and have moved back home, and my stress levels have changed due to that. Could that cause this? Or is there a greater problem?

I just feel a bit scared, and anxious. I've never had mid-cycle bleeding or a problem like this before, and I'm just a bit upset. Oh, also, I'm 21 and never been pregnant. I've also only ever had one sexual partner and he was tested for STD's two years ago when we first started to be intimate. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for all that you guys do!

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