this_is_ash (this_is_ash) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is my labia minora normal? What is this bump?

Hi everyone, looking for a bit of reassurance if possible and hoping you can tell me if this is normal (also sorry for tmi).
So I have quite short labia minora and I notice that when I feel them they feel quite smooth at the top but as I move my fingers down towards the bottom (towards my vagina) they feel quite bumpy, nothing particularly stands out and you can't see anything really,  but you can feel it, the texture is different (it's like where my labia minora joins the rest of my vulva the skin thickens a little and has more texture). If I rub the minora skin between my fingers at this area it actually feels like there are small stones in there and I was just wondering if this is normal?  I also have a singular lump on my right minora which is under the skin and quite small.... Could this be a blocked gland of some sort?
I've had two sexual partners in my life, I've had the same one for six years now, plus I have been checked twice for genital warts at the gum clinic (at my own request a month apart as these bumps were really concerning me) plus my partner shows no sign of warts so I am sure that these are not warts.
Also, just to confirm what I am talking about is not fordyce spots (the tiny tiny whitish dots under the skin).
Hoping someone. An reassure me and tell me I'm normal :o)

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