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Sore Vagina


I am new to this site but I am so glad to have found it. Here is my problem just looking for advice or help. First I was diagnosed with BV (only symptom was lots of discharge). I used yogurt in the vagina to get rid of it. Got retested and BV gone. Then I got a yeast infection - a VERY BAD yeast infection - flaming, burning, swollen, itchy vagina with white spots on the bottom part. 

I made the mistake of soaking my vagina in sea salt water - yikes! I got all red and holy PAINFUL. Anyway finally calmed down - and white dots on vagina went away.

Went back to doctor even after I took canesten and she took swabs. Yeast infection confirmed - then prescribed 2 doses of Diflucan. Diflucan made a difference and symptoms subsided - but still some pain at bottom of vagina. Got tested again for BV and Yeast - both negative. Got tested for STDs all negative. Got a PAP came back fine.

However, the bottom part of my vagina (where the white spots were originally) still is red and inflamed. Doctor says is looks inflamed. Everything else looks fine. I am in PAIN. It hurts.

I wonder if it is urine that is hurting it or am I reacting to chemicals in toilet papter. I am scared it will never get better. It has been 2 weeks since my last dose of diflucan. I have 2 tests for yeast and BV since then.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning it is mild - very mild. Then towards the end of the day it gets worse. Today it is not agony but slightly itchy and swollen and slightly red.

Anyone ever get sore inflamed skin after yeast infection - it was a very bad yeast infection.

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