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Seeking PID-Experienced Advice

Hey VPers!

So, I feel like I frequent this LJ community all too much, but it seems that I'm either clueless or entirely unlucky haha (: I've posted before about some issues with my v-parts. Here's a quick synopsis, trying not to include every distressing detail.

-Heavy, dark brown discharge for over a year. I'm very sure it's not old blood.
-Depo-Provera birth control
-Irregular periods for as long as I've been menstruating, but missing period since before the beginning of Depo shot
-Foul odor
-Odor and strange discharges have been around since before menstruation began
-Multiple instances of rape as a young child
-Horrible lower abdominal and back pain
-Never-ending headaches
-One miscarriage
-Never had an STI

Okay, I'll try to make this short. I've been here and talked about these symptoms. I've done a lot of research, and hate to self-diagnose myself, but everything seems to look like PID to me. I've seen many doctors about all of this who seem to not be worried about it. But I know something is very, very off. I haven't mentioned PID since this has been a recent discovery on my part, but I've read that it often goes undetected or confused by doctors. I just got back culture results that say no YI or BV, but I've been treated multiple times for that and UTIs, including very recently. Could PID be a possibility if my results for BV came up negative yesterday? Since I got treated for it a month ago? Also, how can I mention to have this tested by my OB without them thinking I'm an absolute hypochondriac? I've just been bugging my docs about this issue for quite some time and they say it looks like old blood, and the pain must be a coincidence. Two days ago, I got a very sharp abdominal pain and fainted. I was out for 35 minutes which is pretty long for a fainting spell. Went to the hospital and they took blood work and did an EKG and said I was fine. My follow up appointment today consisted of the doctor discarding the pain and saying the pass out was possibly related to my medication that I've been on for years with no fainting spells. Also, after the first few times of my rape at 6 yrs of age, I got my first UTI and BV. Ever since, I've had these weird symptoms that seem to get worse, especially very rapidly as of recent. So, I'm guessing that was the origins of it, since it takes a while for symptoms to show up. If I do in fact have PID, how much damage could this have done in the course of 11-12 years? Anyways, thank you for reading all of this, and I would love some sort of response from anyone! Have a great day superstars!


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