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What is going on down there?!

I can't remember how long this has been going on (at LEAST six months... it's been long enough for me to forget when it started) but for 'a while' now I've been getting very sore after sex. The soreness is only around the very 'bottom' of my vulva/vagina, where the skin feels as though it gets stretched and rubbed. Essentially I will always be sore after sex, and missionary position with my legs up is virtually impossible because it creates a sharp, burning pain. It'll be sore for a couple of days before it heals completely, which is annoying because my partner and I are currently only having sex on average once a week, and we'd both like to have PIV sex a bit more!

I've got a bit of a history with pain during/after sex. When I first became sexually active I experienced pain (both this pain AND a pain deeper in my vagina) for the first six months or so. That gradually went away and I never saw a doctor about it, and for a couple of years I had no problems. Now suddenly this pain has come back... and I have no idea why.

We always use lubricant, so I don't think it's a lubrication problem. I have only ever had sex with my current partner who is STI-free, so an STI can't be the cause. I assumed for a while that it might be a mild yeastie (too mild to present with discharge or itching) so for the past week I've been treating with diluted tea tree oil... but to no avail. We had sex last night, which left me with the usual soreness. This morning I checked myself out and noticed that I had a bit of clumpy white discharge. I also noticed that the inside of my vagina was a bit swollen. I'm carrying on with the tea tree for the moment (partly to help it heal, partly in case it IS just a persistent yeastie beastie) but I was hoping y'all might be able to help me figure out what's actually going on?! Does it sound just like a persistent yeast infection to you superstars? Need a trip to the doctor? Any advice is appreciated!

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