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Slight worries

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting and Im looking forward to being part of this community! I come with a question about pills and bleeding, which I would love some reassurance about. I shall cut it - nothing really gross but I feel better that way =3

Ok, so I have been on the pill for about 10 years now, microgynon (I think thats how its spelled) Im not sure if its the same name in the US - Im in the UK. Basically, you take it for 3 weeks then have a week off.
Last time and this time (now) I was on a pill free week, I've been having the smallest amount of blood and pretty bad cramps. Now, normally (and for just about my whole 10 years taking the pill) I start bleeding on thursday which I can almost guess to the hour with not so much pain. Its Tuesday today and my pain is kinda bad, I feel very much like I am on and there is the smallest amount of blood. Also, I have slightly brown discharge, just because of the blood I assume.
I know I am probably being over worried but in 10 years, this has only happened twice, both in the last 2 cycles. I wasnt sure if I should mention it to the Dr or not. Could this be because of anything? I have been with my boyfriend 10 years, we have no STI's and we havent been with anyone else for the whole time we have been together. I am under extreme stress recently, very serious stuff so I thought maybe it could be to do with that?
Anyway, sorry if Im just being weird and thanks for reading. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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