o_so_sexual (o_so_sexual) wrote in vaginapagina,

Small Red Bumps on Chest

Hi...hope this kind of entry is ok here.

I recently traveld to Ireland from California (I've been here 2 weeks already).  This "rash" started developing here.  Its only on my chest (not breasts).  It is made up of small red bumps (the size of a pen head) and they do not itch.  They are scattered and everyday when I wake up I have more of them.  The skin surrounding the bump is white/normal and not inflammed in any way.  The bumps looks slightly puss filled but I havent picked at them since they dont really look like pimples.  This isn't like chest acne I have had before. 

Anyways,  I have a feeling it is an allergic reaction to something here but I still freak out over little things like this.  Plus, I'm not familiar with medications here so I figured this community could give me some insight/suggestions?  I may head over to a pharmacy later.  I just hope its a simple rash....thanks for any kind of input!


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