lily_55 (lily_55) wrote in vaginapagina,

Emergency contraception?? Help please!

Usually I am great with my Alesse birth control pills - this month not so much :(

I started my pill pack late by 2 days this month, on a Monday instead of a Saturday. I took one pill per day and abstained from sex for 10 days.

On day 15, today, after having sex I realized that I forgot my pill 3 nights ago (a late evening so I know that was the day) but have taken one per day since then. It was only one pill, so today I took 2 to get myself back on track. Normally, I wouldn't worry about one missed pill, but because of the late start this month I'm a little sketched out.

Should I be concerned and get Plan B or should I be treating this like one missed pill because I had the 12 days of 'perfect' use and no sex after the late start?


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