dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in vaginapagina,

Are My Strings Making Me Itch?

Hey VPers...this is one of those questions where I probably just need some reassurance that nothing is ACTUALLY wrong with me.  My vag itches.  Details below.

I have a Mirena (yay), going into Month 14 with it.  My periods have continued, but they are lighter than before and actually manageable instead of being debilitating as they were in my pre-Mirena days. My period ended about four days ago, and since then I've had this itching deep in my vagina.  It comes and goes, but it's worse in the morning right when I get out of bed. I have no unusual discharge, and the mucous inside of my vagina smells totally normal.  In the past when I've had YIs, the itching is more external than internal and I smell like beer.  I've also poked around to make absolutely sure that there isn't a stray tampon hanging out up there (yech) and the only thing I can -feel- is that my strings are uncurled and just kind of dangling away from my cervix. 

Anybody know what this itching might be and how I might resolve it?  Could it just be my strings being weird and poke-y?

I'm allergic to OTC yeast infection stuff, and I don't want to treat myself for a problem I don't have.  Any suggestions are welcome.

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