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Reasons for this probable yeast infection?

Hey, VPers, I hope you're all doing well! I have some concerns about a yeast infectiony sort of thing and what could be causing it. This is a bit lengthy, so I'm sorry.

Summary: Started having PIV sex (with a condom) for the first time in late April; after the third time in late May, the area around my vaginal opening started itching, and I started having an abnormal discharge that looked like (how others have described) a YI. Went to the gyno (am living in Japan, so this was a doubly confusing process), who took a look and gave me medicine for the apparent YI but who did not seem to have the time to disuss with me at length what was going on. YI went away, had sex again (condom used); two weeks later vagina is looking fishy again.

Details: My main concern is that I'm really not sure what could be causing this apparent yeast infection. Until May, I'd never, EVER had any problems with my vagina, aside from my period getting all wonky since I'd come to live in Japan. I had sex for the first time in April with a friend of mine. Over the period of about four weeks, we had sex three times overall, but the itchiness and strange discharge (milky white, clumpy) didn't start until after the third time.

Due to scheduling problems and the early arrival of my period, I couldn't get to the gynecologist until about two and a half weeks after the problem started. Leading up to the visit, I tried eating a lot of yogurt (didn't put any in my vagina since I didn't want to self-diagnose, and I'm also not entirely sure which brands of yogurt here are sugarless), and I also tried using cloves of garlic, but these had no noticable effect whatsoever. When I got to the doctor, I was really nervous, One, because I'd never been to a gynecologist before, and Two, because I was going to have to try to figure it out in a foreign language. (Going to the Japanese gyno turned out to be a very strange experience, especially when compared to how I've heard it is back in the US, where I'm from.) The doctor talked to me for a bit to see what I wanted checked out, then she examined me, took a pap smear, and then popped some medicine into my vagina to get rid of the yeast infection. I'm assuming she gave me the medicine after determining herself that it was a YI and didn't just go by my own supposition. After all that, we talked for a bit more, but she went rather fast, and I didn't feel exactly comfortable raising any of the questions I'd tried to think of before. I'm not entirely sure what they tested in the pap smear, because when I called in for the results, all they seemed to tell me was that I didn't have cancer.

About a week after the gyno visit, my vagina looked back to normal again, thanks to the medicine. My friend and I had sex again, and I seemed all right even after that. Now, about two weeks after that last time we had sex, my vagina's producing some suspicious discharge again. It doesn't look like it did the first time, though, and it could just very well be my pre-ovulation discharge as normal. However, there's also a faint whisper of itchiness again, and because of that first YI, I'm jumpy.

-I know that YIs aren't STIs but that they can be passed from one partner to the other. However, my partner and I have used a condom every time we've had sex, so I feel that chance is limited (I know that it's not foolproof, though). Could, however, that YI be connected to the fact that this is the first time in my life I've been having PIV sex?
-Also, could I (and the doctor) have mistaken an STI for that YI? My partner has never been tested (he said he would when I brought this up, but time will tell if he actually does. We're not in a relationship, so I don't feel I can do more than encourage him to go), so I'm not sure if he's carrying anything that could have gotten to me.
-Also, could that YI be connected to my sugary diet? I have a severe sweet tooth, although this is something that's been prevalent in my entire life, and YIs are not.

Again, sorry this is so long. I'm asking about this here because I was too flustered to try to ask the doctor any real questions while I was in her office, and this is understandably something I'd like to get to the bottom of. If anyone here can give me some clues, I'd really appreciate it. If my suspicions of what's going on with my vagina now are confirmed, I'll go back to the gynecologist and actually summon up the guts to ask her some proper questions, but until then, I'd be grateful for some help here.

Thank you!

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