britt_pinkie (britt_pinkie) wrote in vaginapagina,

New HBC, Bleeding Almost Through Entire Pill Pack...

Hey VPers!

So I started a new HBC two months ago (Sprintec, the generic for Ortho Cylcen).  The first month on the pill went perfectly, however, this second pack hasn't gone as well.  I skipped my sugar pills (as my doctor suggested to try cycling/stacking), but by the second day of my active pills, I started lightly spotting (barely enough to fill a panty liner).  The spotting went on for 6 days, and by the time I got to my 7th active pill, I had started a full-blown period (enough to fill a heavy pad, and lots of cramping- basically, what my typical period feels like).  I'm now on my 17th day of active pills and still bleeding!  The bleeding has gone down a bit in the past two days, but it's still heavy enough to wear a pad, and I've had some cramping as well.  

Also, I tend to get hormonal cysts in my bikini line/vaginal area during my period- usually one a month, before/after my period, but in the past week, I've had four pop up- more than I ever have!  

I've taken the pill consistently, at the same exact time, every single day since starting the very first pack.  I'm wondering if this is all because my body is still adjusting to the pill...I know the rule is to wait 3 months when starting a new pill to let your body adjust, but I'm feeling anxious about this.  Do you think my body is just negatively reacting to the pill or should I wait it out another month before just switching?

I kind of want to get this all sorted/figured out before August- I'm moving out of the country (Australia!) then and I'd like to have a good supply of whatever pill works best for me when I leave until I can get medical care sorted out there.    Not to mention, I'll be living with my boyfriend then and would like to be able to have a simplified sex life, without random breakthrough bleeding/cramping when I'm not expecting it :(   


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