girlsncartoons (girlsncartoons) wrote in vaginapagina,

Strange White Discharge

Hey VPers!

So a while ago I posted about how I was dealing with a long term YI/possibly BV at the same time. Well, I have some good news and bad news regarding the situation.

The good news is, I recently went to my gyno and she said I was fine. As a matter of fact, her exact words were, "there's nothing there. No yeast, no bacteria, no trich, nothing." 

The bad news is, I still feel like there's something wrong with me!! I've been having this odd creamy/watery (not clumpy) white discharge nearly every day that sometimes just... bubbles out of me. It's definitely not odorless. The smell isn't awful, but I wouldn't really describe it as pleasant either. It's kind of... cheesy? I guess. But the smell keeps changing. This is the discharge that my gyno tested, so I'm hesitant to start treating it as if it were a YI/BV if there's truly nothing wrong with me. 

I would chalk it up to me being stressed out/paranoid, but there's one other thing. I got my period the day after I went to the doctor, and it smelled the same as it has been-- like nothing, maybe a little acid-y. This is not my usual period blood scent, but it has been for the last few months while I had the YI. So I am not convinced that I am back to normal.

But the question is, what the heck is still going on with me? Has anyone dealt with anything like this before?

Edit: It also may be relevant that I haven't had PIV sex in fourteen days, and I am currently on the pill. 

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