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Pill question :)

Hi everyone *waves*

I have a question for y'all (per usual lol). I am on the implant and take the pill to stop my constant bleeding, and finally found one that works (YAY). Anyway, I also stack the pill (two packs, then period) because I hate my period and it knocks me out for four days and I become useless, whiney, and constantly tired (honestly I hate myself when I bleed). Anyway, I am meant to be on my break week now (last pill on Tuesday), but my period didn't start til Friday (yesterday) morning. My question is, should I still start the new pack on Tuesday as planned (because that would have been a week), or should I let myself have a period for a full week (until Friday) and then go back on the pill? I know this sounds odd, but it's like once my period starts, it refuses to stop again until I go on the pill (last time I tried to tough it out, and ended up with a three week period -_-;;).

Thanks ^_^

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