sparkleseahorse (sparkleseahorse) wrote in vaginapagina,

skipping periods on nuvaring?

so I have been on nuvaring for about 6 years now, I've never had much luck trying to skip but I thought I would try again.

I left the ring in for 4 weeks instead of 3, and everything was fine. after the 4th week, I put in a new ring, but later that afternoon, I got my period.

I was able to skip when I took diane, but not nuvaring. I figure I better not try anymore, because on nuvaring I feel like the floodgates are always about to burst!

I ended up taking that new ring out, which was a waste of the ring, but I knew if I left it in I'd have a whole month of unpredictability. I figure I should give my body what it wants for a week.

does anyone else experience this?

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