Tina (udntknomeson) wrote in vaginapagina,

mystery bump?

sorry if this isn't really the appropriate place to post this, I didn't really know where I could ask..it's kinda embarrassing but i've had these bumps ever since i can remember. i have no clue what they are but they've never really bothered me. i'm not really concerned about them but the bump all by itself is new and i dont know where it came from. the bump I'm talking about is highlighted in the second pic:

I don't know if it's a wart or what? It's discolored around the bump because I put Compound W on it for a few days, which may or may not have been a good idea, but I stopped after I noticed the discoloration. I guess I'm kinda worried because I had genital warts two years ago. I mean I'm pretty sure it's not *genital warts* as there's only this one located on the back/inside of my thigh, but i'm concerned that even if it's just a regular wart sexual contact may be an issue because of the location. i started noticing it a little over a month ago, but it started out looking kind of red and fluid filled..like a boil or pimple. i've tried to pop it to no avail. I'd like to go to the Dr or dermatologist but I don't have insurance and money is kinda tight right now. it's pretty flat and soft, and it doesn't bother me pain or itching wise..i'm just a little concerned..has anyone seen anything like this before? thanks all..


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