psycho_lola (psycho_lola) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lack of energy and IUD

Hi everyone! Lately I've been having much less energy than usually, to the point where I can barely do anything, let sleep. Sometime turning around in bed will be a tough task. This cannot go on forever, I just quit college and my job, and need to go out there and do my stuff.I've always been prone to heavy periods, I could never wear regular pads and had to rely on night pads and super tampons, and it has only become worse with my IUD (a night pad and super plus tampon do the trick for not more than an hour). This is why I thought I may be anemic, but I went to the emergency room last month with horrible headaches and feeling week, with no energy, and after a bunch of tests they concluded everything was fine. Could it not show up? Or could it be something else? What could I take to increase my energy?

Also I've been experiencing the moody part of PMS all month, and it only worsens when it's finally period time. I have basically no sex drive anymore, and my breasts will swell a half a size, or more, when I'm on my period and I'm quite uncomfortable with my whole body.
I've read stories of the copper IUD causing bloating and breast swelling in some women, simply because they cannot tolerate copper as much as other women, however, I was wondering if it was true or just a myth. I am about to get my IUD removed, I'm wondering if it would help my symptoms.

Thanks in advance!

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