Johnny Grey (six_dollar_baby) wrote in vaginapagina,
Johnny Grey

PMDD and Sarafem?

Hello lovelies,
Today i went to my Awesome Doctor to complain about my PMS- last cycle i had nine days of swollen breasts, weight gain, depression, etc etc etc etc...She looked at my cycle charts and diagnosed me with PMDD. She wants me to start taking 10 mg Sarafem for the 14 days before i bleed.

As i'm pretty new to SSRIs (i did take Paxil for about two months, 16 years ago), what should i know? Does this mean i start taking the pills before or after i'm done ovulating? i generally have six to eight days between ovulation and luteal phase, then five to six days of PMS (or, in the last few months, severe PMDD) symptoms before i start bleeding.

Have any of you tried this? Success? Failure? Tips? Obviously everyone's body chemistry is different, but i'd like some reassurance here.

i'm 31, NP, sterilized by Essure, if that's any help.

EDIT: Thanks, everyone.

A further question- my pharmacy was out of stock when i went to fill the Sarafem RX. I got it today (and holy cow is it expensive!) but i'm on my second day of PMS symptoms already. Is it okay to start taking it now or should i wait out this cycle and start next month??

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