La. (currents_) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird spotting and shower fun!

Hello community! I come with two questions.

First, I'm a cis woman in my late 20s in a monogamous relationship with a cis man. My reproductive health has always been pretty good, no major issues with my period, no hormonal birth control. A couple of weeks ago, just after my period ended, we had PIV sex. I figured it was a little rough, because for a while after that when wiping I noticed that the discharge was a little brown. No big deal, it happens as my period ends, although this was a little more. However, it's been like that since. Not as much as at first, but there is definitely a brown tinge to my discharge that I notice when wiping. I should be getting my period again in a week or two. I haven't noticed anything else, no extra itching or smell that's different from normal. Any idea what could be going on? Chance of pregnancy is veeeery low, but I guess, theoretically possible.

And now for the second thing... which is more of a comment, than anything, and wondering if this had happened to anyone else. My partner and I were in the shower, and decided to have sex. We ended up with him putting his penis between my thighs from behind, and he ejaculated like that. I figured cleanup wouldn't be a big deal because we were in the shower! But I was wrong... somehow, his ejaculate managed to congeal in the couple of minutes between us finishing this and me going to rinse off. And was then very, very hard to clean off (my pubic hair is quite long). It was like egg white! Do you figure it was the warmth of the water that got it to clump like that? I almost thought I'd have to get some scissors to cut it out, but eventually I managed to rinse it. So much for an easy quickie! Mostly I thought it was funny, and wanted to share, but I am also curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.


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