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what's going on down there?

this one is a little puzzling.
i had sex with a male friend twice on april 4th, first time - we used a condom, second time - we didn't.
the second time he didn't "finish" so he pulled out i helped him finish.
afterwards for an entire month, i was panicked that i might be pregnant so i took 4 pregnancy tests (all negative, even though i ended up being a week late) and then my period showed up on may 3rd, but it was really heavy and it lasted 5 days.
so i pretty much assumed i wasn't pregnant.
then on may 31st, i had a very very light period (it was almost like spotting) that lasted 5 days.
now for the past couple days, i've been really crampy, much different than period cramps - they're almost as if someone is wringing my uterus and stretching it like silly putty. my belly sticks out a little more, almost as if i'm bloated and it's really uncomfortable (i'm a thick girl to begin with), but it's not hard like most pregnant women claim. plus i've been eating like mad crazy all weekend.
i thought about taking another test, but money is kind of tight these days and i fear that it will be negative because i really don't know what's going on with my body anymore.

anyone care to shed some light on this? thanks :)

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