skysos (skysos) wrote in vaginapagina,

do you lose weight at the start of your period?

Just curious...does anyone experience a bit of weigh loss at the start of their period? (Or I suppose, weight gain right before?)

I don't own a scale so I normally don't pay much attention to my weight (it is healthy for my height).  But I went to the gym, which does have a scale, twice this week, Monday and today.  My period started Tuesday, and today I was a full 2 pounds lighter than when I weighed myself Monday (i.e. the day before my period started).  I only did moderate exercise on Monday (right after weighing myself) and none yesterday.  Eating was totally normal for me the past few days.  Two pounds in two uneventful days seems like a lot, so I was wondering if my cycle might have caused the difference somehow?  (I'm a light bleeder so I'm sure the weight of the blood/other period fluids I lost between the start of my period and today was practically nothing).  I'm curious to weigh myself again next month to see if the same thing happens.

If it makes a difference, I am on the pill.

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