methorphan (methorphan) wrote in vaginapagina,

depo-provera shot question

i just got the shot today because my birth control pills, aviane, make me withdrawal bleed every week or 2, causing me to have to stop taking them, wait it a week, and take them again to make it go away and i'm sure you can imagine that being pretty damn frustrating, and i've always wanted to get the shot anyway since i've heard a lot of good things. anyway, i didn't take my pill today because i didn't know if i should or not.. but i'm sure i'll start bleeding. how long will it last? and how often will i bleed? i was so nervous and dizzy about the shot there were a few questions i forgot to ask. before the pill, my periods lasted about a week and were relatively heavy for 4 or 5 of those days. with it, the withdrawal bleeding was a lot lighter but still. i don't know if that information was necessary or not, but thanks everyone. :)

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