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stomach ache - pain relief ideas?

Hello VP!
This is not a vagina problem (although I guess it could be related to ovaries?), I hope that's okay.  I know I've seen a ton of suggestions for pain relief from cramps and others things, so I thought you might have some suggestions from me.

For as long as I can remember, I've had these weird stomach aches pretty regularly.  It's in my lower left abdomen, right above my hip bone.  It feels like there's a ball of tension inside of me, pulling on the rest of my body.  When I press down on the area, it feels really hard.

Since I've always had these (every few weeks to every few months), I had figured out what worked.  I would make a hot water bottle (I wasn't sure if it actually helped or was just relaxing and comforting), fall asleep, and the next morning the stomach ache would be gone.

But lately my stomach aches are still there the next morning.  So disappointing!  The last time this happened, Ibuprofen helped get rid of it.  But now I've had this one since yesterday morning, I tried ibuprofen several times, but it hasn't helped.  I'm really frustrated.

I grew up without using any medication (I've only been using ibuprofen for a couple of years, and it's basically all I've ever used), so I'm really unsure what to try next. 

Do you have any suggestions?  (I was going to try cramp bark but I can't seem to find mine.)

I'd love any suggestions on how to get rid of this pain, or how to relax.  I feel like if I could get rid of the pain, I could relax, and then even when the pain relief is gone, maybe the stomach ache would be gone too.  I suspect it's not going away because I'm tense even when I'm sleeping.

This particular stomach ache seems to be coupled with constipation as well, so if you have any suggestions for that, it would be great.

Thank you so much!  I really appreciate it.  I want to get rid of this stomach ache!


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