corinthia_moon (corinthia_moon) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible tear in vagina

I think I accidentally tore my vagina in the process of inserting/removing my Diva Cup last week when I had my period. During the last couple of days of my period, I couldn't use it because of the pain. Last time I had sex and went with it was last Saturday night. It burned like HELL afterwards and I wound up putting an icepack on my vagina to soothe it. For a few days I had some minor discomfort in that area (inside about 1 inch, on the side closer to my perinium).

The discomfort pretty much went away, so I tried having sex again last night, but it hurt too much in the first entry so I stopped.

I haven't had any abnormal discharge and there hasn't been much itching or any unusual odors, so I don't think I have a YI... though I know that a tear can cause a YI to start.

I guess what I'm wondering is, do you think this is a tear, and if so, how long should I go before I try to have sex again? Should I see a doctor? I don't imagine that they would be able to do very much about it because I think the best thing for it is to leave it alone. It doesn't hurt when there's nothing in it.

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