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Chronic pubic folliculitis.

Ah, the question I could only ask in an online community where I am relatively anonymous!

I have developed, over time, chronic folliculitis of my pubic hair. Specifically, the hair on my mons. It started several years ago back when I started using HBC. I keep my pubic hair trimmed, not shaved, and I began to notice that if I stayed in my sweaty clothes post-workout, I would get pretty itchy. However, as long as I showered and dried off thoroughly afterward, it would always resolve within a day or two.

Over the past year I've now begun to get folliculitis whenever it's very warm out and I sweat. I've been on broad spectrum oral antibiotics, which helped, but it came back as soon as it got hot out again. Once in a while I will get an actual boil, which I lance and keep as clean/covered as I can until it heals, but most of the time I'm just dealing with little red bumps at the base of most of my hair which itch like you wouldn't believe.

Things I've tried:

1. I wear only breathable cotton undies, and change them daily.
2. When I sweat I always try to take a shower soon afterward (within reason - sometimes I'm at work when this starts!) and use unscented soap, dry thoroughly.
3. I keep my hair trimmed short (so it doesn't get rubbed/pulled, and so my razor can't be the source of any bacterial introductions).
4. Using a lidocaine gel on the super itchy ones so that I won't be tempted to scratch until I draw blood!

From what I understand there are stronger/different types of topical antibiotic than the one that I've been using, and there may be a different type of oral antibiotic I can take to break the cycle - but are these long term solutions? Oh, and in terms of other contributing factors I do exercise on a regular basis, I'm a vegetarian and avoid processed foods, I get 8+hrs of sleep/night on most nights, and this doesn't seem to be stress related.

I'm at a loss, and would love some experience/ideas of how to deal with this!!!

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