naked_beauty_21 (naked_beauty_21) wrote in vaginapagina,

Random questions?

1) So I've been aware of a strange phenomena I've been experiencing for a while now, but today was the first day I was actually AWARE of it, like put it into words, if you know what I mean. On my heavier days of my period I always have a decreased sense of taste. I noticed it really bad today when I was eating a very garlicky calzone. I could barely taste the crust, fillings, or marinara dipping sauce, and could only taste the garlic. And I was shaking on a ton of those red pepper flakes they always have at pizza places and I couldn't taste them/feel their heat AT ALL, and the amount I was using would have normally had me sucking down multiple glasses of water. Does any one else ever notice decreased sense of taste?

2) How long does it usually take for a HBC to lighten your flow? I'm on Desogen. My first withdrawal bleed was so amazingly light that didn't need my usual back up pad to my menstrual cup, and I could have gotten by with emptying my cup once a day. This is my second withdrawal bleed and I'm back to my normal emptying my cup every 2 hours plus thick pad for backup. :( I want it to be super light again!

3) I get fairly bad cramps, and I always get them around my anus! It seriously feels like my butthole muscles are cramping up. Is this normal?! I've heard of back cramps and thigh/leg cramps, but butthole cramps?!

4) When I'm on my heavy days I always get this weird feeling that is going to be really hard to put into words... It's like my head is slightly dizzy maybe? Or slightly like when you have a fever? You know how weird your head feels when you stand up or walk around? It's kind of like that. Maybe from the loss of blood? On these days I feel really dissociated too. Like I'm not completely aware of what's going on around me. Or something. Like I said it's really hard to put into words. Does anyone else experience this? Or know if there's a name for it?

5) This is a little off topic but does anyone have recommendations for places to buy sexy lingere? I'm getting married next month so I want to stock up. :) I've already bought a couple things from Victoria's Secret but I definitely would be interested in somewhere more affordable!!

Thanks, pals!

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