Moon (velkoria) wrote in vaginapagina,

Scared about breastfeeding

Hello peeps, 

A bit of a back story: I got a breast lift and implant after extreme weight loss. My left breast healed perfectly fine, I feel my nipple (the scars go all the way around my aureole) and have no issues. My right breast healed fine buuut my increased sensitivity on that nipple is INSANE! I don't even let my man pinch them because when he does (by mistake or whatever) I literally feel like I am going to cry. This hurts WORSE than getting them done. Usually there is no pain though, this is just when they are pinched, sucked on or what have you (I once bumped into a wall and yes, I literally almost fell to my knees and you're talking to the girl who just winced when her hand was impaled and took the object out without so much as an 'ow' and the same girl who walked home from surgery and never ever felt anything above a 4 pain wise after said boob job). So, my question is... can I breast feed with only one breast? Like, will my left breast be enough (cause the idea of a child sucking on my boob is akin to slow and painful death)? Or will I have to reach for formula?
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