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Wild Child

Convincing doctor to agree to a hysterectomy

Hello all, I was wondering if anybody else has been in this situation...

I'm 29 and for the past few years I've had issues with my period that have been becoming worse and worse. When I was younger, my periods used to be fairly normal, although fairly heavy. That started changing about eight years ago, when I'd start missing a month here and there, or spotting during the middle of my cycle. My periods became even heavier, and started causing pain, and it's gotten to the point where they've pretty much interrupted my normal, everyday life. For example, last month I bled heavily for three weeks straight, and this month my period was light, but I was in severe pain, to the point where I was unable to move without hurting. I literally felt like someone had been beating my midsection with a two-by-four. I also have IBS, which I suspect is aggravated by period issues.
A couple years ago I did have a transvaginal ultrasound, and it was discovered that I did have a thickened endometrial stripe. In addition, my uterus is bicornuate (though I don't know to what degree) and retroverted towards my back. I suspect that I may have endometrial adhesions on my intestines as well, judging by my IBS flares around my period. In addition, PIV sex has never been an especially pleasant experience for me, and I wonder if the positioning of my uterus and the evidence of endometriosis is the cause. Even when it's not that time of the month, I live with a constant low-grade soreness around my middle.

My doctor wanted to do a uterine biopsy, but I never made the appointment as I don't have a car and my doctor happens to be affiliated with a hospital in an area I simply cannot get to on foot or by bus.
However, I'm ready to go back to this doctor and plead with her, as I just can't live with the hell my body puts me through. I'm certainly willing to get the biopsy done, and I have a friend who might be able to give me a ride. I've tried hormonal birth control methods for controlling the issues mentioned above, but HBC always seems to yield incredibly unpleasant side effects. I'd like to think that a partial hysterectomy could be a reasonable solution to my problems, but I could see where a doctor/surgeon would hesitate. I don't have any children, and intend to stay childfree for many different reasons, but I worry that I wouldn't be able to convince a medical professional.

I've researched endometriosis and different methods of birth control extensively, I know the benefits and risks, but I'd like to be able to argue my case for a hysterectomy as intelligently as possible. Would it come down to having to say "I'll sign a waiver promising not to sue if I ever change my mind about having children after my uterus is removed."? I really do feel that a hysterectomy is the best option for restoring good health. I don't want to live in dread of my next period.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Thoughts? Opinions?

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