for emily, wherever, whenever i shall find her (tornattheelbo) wrote in vaginapagina,
for emily, wherever, whenever i shall find her

Decided my vagina trouble is very likely BV, pointers?

So I posted a few days ago complaining about my vagina. I have been feeling 'uncomfortable' at times, is the best I can describe really, with the pain feeling like it's localized IN my vagina, towards my back.

When I insert my finger as FAR back into my vag as I can go, behind my cervix there appears to be a kind of discharge happening that I haven't really encountered before, it's a bit like wet, shredded toilet paper, and sometimes it's a bit greenish :/ It mostly has no smell, but occasionally I get this weird whiff of what almost smells like a cleaner? I can't describe the smell very well but it is kind of sickly sweet but chemical-y.

I have tried some apple cider vinegar, diluted (I am using kettle water, do i have to boil or use distilled water?) and today tried hydrogen peroxide and after both of these treatments I inserted acidophilus capsules and took one orally, as well...

I have a dose of diflucan sitting in my cupboard waiting for my next yeast attack - will this help?

I have PCOS, I have a Mirena IUD, and recently put myself into ketosis, on purpose, to lose some weight I'd gained from a more lax carb intake over the winter.I don't know if this is important info?

I feel like i'm covering my bases but I've not really felt any great improvement yet, so any tips are really greatly appreciated, I haven't typically been prone to bacterial vaginal infections, usually just the yeast infections.

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