Claire (whydreamadream) wrote in vaginapagina,

Crohn's & Contraception.

Hello :)

I'm interested in hearing how people with Crohn's disease deal with birth control.

After a stint in hospital, I recently got diagnosed with Crohn's. I've also been using the birth control pill for a year. I've read on various online sources that relying on the pill as a form of contraception when you have Crohn's is unreliable at best (is that because of the tendency for diarrhoea?), so I assume I've just been very lucky not to have gotten pregnant by now! I was considering an IUD, but I've been put on prednisolone (the plan is that I'll be off in about two months), and just read in the leaflet that it can reduce the effectiveness of an IUD. My requirements for BC are rather picky: I don't want a barrier method purely for convenience. I'd rather not have to have an implant (simply because I'm a bit squeamish!), but I would go with it as a last resort. I really don't want to get pregnant!

If you have Crohn's, or another form of IBD, what do you use?

Thank you!

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