shira. (stardust0) wrote in vaginapagina,

No Sex for 1 Year, Now painful!

Hey Guys!

So I ended my relationship with my ex boyfriend last June and didn't engage in any sort of sexual activity with anyone for the last year. I recently met someone else and we had sex for the first time on Saturday. It hurt like hell! I related it to the pain I felt when I had sex for the first time at 18. I'm now 23. I'm asking this question more out of curiosity, not worry, but why did that happen? The entrance to my vagina KILLED for the next 2 days and I was just all tender and uncomfortable. It was also a very weird burning feeling at my entrance. Nothing I couldn't bare, but still...weird. He did comment as he was trying to enter me and asked "What's wrong?"...I think he realized it was difficult to enter. I told him this was normal, which is true. With my ex, it was difficult for him to enter me too...I'm petite and naturally tight. But it didn't HURT like this.

He didn't ejaculate inside me, so I can't really attribute the burning feeling to that. And I was extremely excited. I feel like I go into immediate hot flash mode even just sitting close to him, so that's not really the reason for the pain.
Just curious...any ideas? Anyone else gone through this?
I'm on vacation now, so we haven't tried again or anything...and I didn't really let him know that it hurt because I wanted the sex so badly, lol.


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