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PID pain - OTC pain meds

This question is almost certainly more appropriate for the askanurse community, but it's also a minor emergency and posting here is faster than waiting to join over there... so here's the thing:

It was my first day back at work today after starting treatment on Friday and, after being on my feet all day, I am in an extraordinary amt of pain. I walked out the door and burst into tears - I could barely stand up by the 7hr mark. It's better when I'm resting, but I can't miss anymore work. The clinician this morning told me I should take 800mg ibuprofen every 8hrs with food for the next three days... Well, let me tell you, that 800mg didn't even TOUCH it. Is there ANYTHING else I can do? Could a higher dose also be safe, for short-term? I'm 5'9", ~207lbs (ie, not a petite frame ;p).

Absent ANY other symptoms, I went to the gyno on friday for general pelvic pain that I'd been having persistently since my period ended five days earlier. It's Planned Parenthood, so naturally they immediately started treating me for PID with three different antibiotics (rocephin IM injection, 2 weeks of both doxycycline and flagyl) rather than waiting for test results to come back (they should have been in by end of day today, and I haven't heard anything; no news = negative on STIs), and despite the clinician not being convinced it was even PID since I had no other 'classic symptoms' and no history that would indicate risk... Now, it's Monday, and at my follow-up appt this morning I reported significant pain upon waking, and continued bloating (OH, the bloating/swelling! even my fat-jeans were tight today :/), but the pain felt during the physical exam was reduced compared to Friday, so "keep taking the meds - you're on the mend, girl!"

Also, any thoughts on whether this could be something other than PID? They really haven't explored other possibilities with me, and I guess they took the reduced temp (I got hit with a cold/flu the day before my first appt, and my temp was elevated at the first visit - so this seems a little misleading to me) and reduced pain upon internal palpation to be confirmation... which of course makes some logical sense, it's just alarming and unnerving that all this happened without ANY prior indication of any sort of vaginal infection, etc. My last PAP was normal (fyi), in 2010, and since I'm not due for another until 2013, I guess they didn't think it necessary to perform another? I'm just very confused, freaked out by this whole thing, and in an absurd amt of pain...

Thanks in advance, and I'm happy to answer any other questions if clarification is needed.

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