blewoutthestars (blewoutthestars) wrote in vaginapagina,

Treating a sneaky yeasty during withdrawal bleed?

I'm getting increasingly sure that I'm prone to sneaky yeast infections. The non-itchy kind with not too suspicious discharge (my discharge is usually pretty thick these days, possibly a symptom, but far from the there-is-cottage-cheese-in-my-undies look). It also tastes kind of bitter, but hey, that might just be me. The main symptom is that I get super sore from PIV sex, around the bottom of my vulva. It has been suggested on here before that it might be a sneak-YI that I was dealing with, so I treated with the tea tree method and as I recall the situation improved.

However, these last few weeks it seems to have returned, but I've been super lazy about treating it because my OH and I have been too tired and busy to have sex very often so I haven't really had many reminders! I want to get on top of it now, but I'm about to start a withdrawal bleed and I'm not sure whether there would be a problem with using my usual method (douching with diluted tea tree oil) while I'm bleeding. I use a mooncup too, so I'm paranoid that the oil would ~do something~ to it (don't ask me what, or how. But I can't afford a new one right now and I don't want to break it ;)) Any experience treating a YI whilst bleeding?

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