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vag trouble... not sure what though?

So I recently had my second Mirena inserted and the experience was not too bad, far better than my first insertion. Within a few days I stopped cramping and within 2 weeks I stopped spotting, and things were nice for a little while, but yesterday I was inspecting my ladybits as I sometimes do, and noticed a stringy bit of greenish discharge. I sometimes get nabothian cysts but it didn't quite seem the same, I'm not sure... When I did an exploratory prod my discharge seemed a little off, it was thick and coated my finger but was not quite like a yeast infection... I was thinking maybe BV?

I tried to treat with a tampon soaked in diluted apple cider vinegar, and was OK for a while, but then drank a litre of water and had to wait to pee, and then had some trouble voiding, like I didn't seem to have much control over the flow, it just seemed to come out in a long, slow stream, and then afterward I was uncomfortable all around the right side of my uterus/ovary... It seems to come and go, because I voided twice later on and everything kind of -seemed- okay but I have a vague feeling of 'not right'.

I have had this experience a few other times recently, the lazy pee stream and the uncomfortable feeling, and i'm not sure what's up with my area! I am not having a lot of discharge so it's hard to say if things are wrong, if anything I would say that I may be drier than normal, and is this something that happens with BV? What are the preferred methods of treatment? Should I consult with a doctor?

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