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Sexual Revolution School Project

Hello, everyone! So I'm taking a Biology of Sex class this summer and my final project is going to be about the "sexual revolution" and how throughout history our idea of sexual pleasure has evolved and changed and the impact of it on different social, cultural, and religious structures. My report can contain videos, pictures, interviews, movies, etc. and I need to have enough stuff to talk about to fill an hour.

So my question is, does anyone have any recommendations on this type of topic? I'm looking for social, religious/spiritual, and scientific views on the topic of sex and how it is viewed in popular culture. I'm also going to try and interview the owners of some local adult video/toy stores to get their input. Informational websites, books, documentaries, etc. are encouraged!

I want to get all sides of how sex is viewed in today's world, and how our opinion of it got to where it is now. I'd also like some historical stuff (like ancient pornography, etc.) so I can get a "then and now" kind of thing.

I'm also looking for any fiction or non-fiction movies that promote sex and/or promote abstinence and the main plot of the movie (or even books, actually) is all about how sex is viewed in the public eye.

As for scientific stuff, I'm looking for things that give information as to the biological side of why human sex is so different from other animals and how that may be going against the "standards" of evolution.

I'm also thinking about briefly touching on the subject of rape and the different definition it has in the public community and the scientific community. But someone else is doing this subject, so I'm not sure I'll include it. But still, any information touching on this subject in a biological sense would be great.

All of the above is more in-depth things that I'm considering discussing, but my basic idea is how sex has been viewed throughout history.

Thanks for any and all help, and if anybody else has some suggestions on what might be interesting to put in my report, I'd love to hear them!

*Edit* Reworded it to better get across what it is I'm talking about and looking for.

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