new___noise (new___noise) wrote in vaginapagina,

summer sweat prevention/remedies/tips

hi all! this isn't exactly vagina related but i dunno where else to ask hah! i am a curvy girl who wears a size 12 in pants/shorts usually. mediums/larges in dresses, depending on the brand/if the top half fits my boobs (i got 36DDD's) oh and did i mention i'm only 5'2? needless to say in the summer i get pretty sweaty in those areas. what i have the most trouble with is my inner thighs/where my thighs and butt meet. when i wear dresses or skirts i pretty much always have to have something underneath or i get sooo chafed--i live in a city so i walk a lot. up until now i have taken old pairs of plain black leggings and cut them into little shorts and that's what i wear...but sometimes i feel like it's a bit bulky and i would like to hear from anyone else who has this problem? is there some kind of tiny lil pair of shorts i can buy? I've tried one of those shaper things thats like a pair of shorts, but obvi it sucks everything in so when i really just wanna wear the dress and nothin else it's too uncomfortable.

EDIT: thanks so much for your comments everyone! will have to try some of your suggestions out! :D
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