quitte la piste (youlooksick) wrote in vaginapagina,
quitte la piste

non-stop UTI party :(

I have had UTI symptoms for about nine to twelve months now. I can only go a few days tops without experiencing the incredibly painful burning and irritation and continual urge to pee. Unfortunately, when my urologist tests my urine, it comes back inconclusive for an infection. Because of my symptoms, I'll be put on antibiotics anyway, but the UTI will come back a few days after I am finished with them. We are now moving to a daily antibiotic treatment, but I'm wary about being put on an antibiotic that often for a lot of reasons (although I'm never had a yeast infection and seem to always have a healthy pH).

Has anyone else had similar issues? It is incredibly exhausting and painful to be constantly experiencing UTI symptoms, if a UTI is what this is. The pain is definitely in my urethra and not my vagina, I've been tested for STDs regularly and the results have come back negative (I'm also not having a lot of penetrative sex as I'm a queer top) and the frequency of sexual encounters doesn't have an impact on the UTI symptoms. I've had two kidney infections in the past year, which I was told are a result of the UTI escalating. I also have kidney stones so the whole area is kind of a disgusting mess. I'm starting to run out of options and hope.
Tags: urinary-tract-infections
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