Phelipa (phelipa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Elevated prolactin with bleeding between periods?

I posted a little while ago about abnormal bleeding between periods, had all my tests and these are the results!

My thyroid/liver enzymes/CBC were all normal although I have slightly low iron...this has come up before...I have stomach issues so taking supplemental iron kills my guts.
My TV and abdominal ultrasound were normal and pelvic exam just showed that the bleeding was coming from the  cervix
My prolactin level was the only thing that came back abnormal. It was 45 and I guess normal is <24. Now I have to go for an MRI to see if it's a lesion on my pituitary secreting some extra prolactin!
They told me it's likely nothing and that stress can increase your prolactin as well. Just wondering if anyone's had any experience with this!

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