Smorgy (demonic_force13) wrote in vaginapagina,

issues with BV

As most of you know I posted a while back(I can't provide a link because I'm using my cell)and was having issues that most of you thought was BV. Turns out it was, and my family doctor told me that I've had it 3 times before. I don't even remember but I have a horrible memory. I have quite an issue with yeast infections too. My family doctor is also a gynecologist, and he said there really isn't a whole bunch I can do to prevent those types of problems besides eating healthy, wearing cotton underwear, and not wearing tight clothes. He did say some women get vaginal infections on certain types of birth control and he asked me if I wanted to switch types. I take Trinessa and I've never taken anything else.
Does anyone else have problems with yeast infections and BV? Are there any ways besides the forementioned methods to prevent them? Any suggestions on a different type of birth control that might not cause infections?

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