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Starting Lo Loestrin FE -- a few questions

Not sure if anyone remembers my recent post (maybe a week ago?) about discussing birth control options. At any rate, I went and met with my new doctor (and she's wonderful) and we discussed IUDs at length, and finally decided that I should try a much lower dose hormonal birth control pill to see if that helps with any of the side effects I'd been having on my other pills, and then try for an IUD in three months if they don't work the way I want them to.

My questions are as follows: I'm planning on starting the pills tonight, even though my period hasn't returned since being off my last pack of pills (I never refilled my prescription after my last withdrawal bleed). What should my expectations be as far as break-through bleeding or cramping be? I'm assuming the same as starting any other type of pill in the middle of my cycle, but I thought I'd ask. I'm also curious if the fact that the pill doses are different throughout the pack will make a difference since I'm switching over from a monophasic pill (Lo Loestrin FE is ... biphasic? What do you call that?). Finally, since this brand only has two inactive pills, does the theoretically mean I'll only have a two-day withdrawal bleed, if any at all? I know when I was using the 28 day pills that had seven inactive pills, my withdrawal bleed started on the third inactive day and usually ended by the time I took my first active pill of the new pack. It would be awesome to have much shorter periods. 8) Thanks, everyone!
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