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Ovarian cyst panic

Ahoy, vagineers -

Question first, then backstory.

How concerned should I be about a 5cm ovarian cyst that the doc thinks is fluid-filled? And if he thought there was a possibility it was sketchy, would he advise me to just wait and come back in two months?

Backstory for anyone who's interested:

I've had ovarian cysts for several years. I had one pop (didn't realize it until they saw it on a CT scan for an unrelated problem and they were like "so there's a ruptured cystic mass in there, did you know that?" and I was like OH MY GOD THAT'S WHAT THAT HORRIBLE PAIN WAS! For a hypochondriac I sometimes ignore the strangest things.), and one about this size that caused bladder discomfort that either went away or turned into the mutant megacyst I had removed last summer. It turned out to be endometreosis. I tried a couple of birth control options to attempt to keep it from returning, but it turns out that it doesn't take much to turn me into a creature of violent mood swings, hysterical anxiety, hot flashes and endless diarrhea. My insurance has been giving me trouble since the surgery and I couldn't get back to the GYN until today, when lo and behold, shiny new cyst. I'm having a constant need to urinate again, so I asked to pee in a cup, but he thinks it's probably just the cyst using my bladder as a punching bag. He did take the urine test just in case, and some blood - I didn't ask what that was for outside of the CA125.

While he was doing the ultrasound he got very quiet and worried-looking and spent a good ten minutes looking at the thing from every angle. I asked him if it looked like cancer and his oh so reassuring reply was "not really." He mentioned that it looked fluid-filled. He told me he'd call with my test results and had me schedule an appointment 2 months from now to check on it.

I have intense health anxiety and have for 25 years. I just turned 29 yesterday, so...you can do the math. It's been a thing forever. So I have no idea how it's warping my perceptions of how concerned I should be. On the one hand he acted quite worried when he was looking at it, and his reply to did it look like cancer seemed noncommittal. On the other, if he thought it had any possibility of being something sinister, is this the likely course of action he would take?

So as I mentioned upthread, my questions are basically how worried should I be, and is this standard cyst procedure regardless of malignancy potential? I know that worrying doesn't help anything, and I know that given my history it's likely just another cyst or endometrioma. But I still feel concerned.
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