amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

quick question about spotting && implantation blood..

i went to my gyno bc i'd missed my period for 9 days. i had a light spotting when my period was supposed to be due in April. when i went in she told me that it was my diabetes making my period screwey. ok no big deal. she gave me hormone meds && said my period should start within a week (maybe 2wks) after my last pill..and it was perfect :) thank goodness i didn't have to go back in and have additional tests run.

well, my may period came && went smoothly. then the week afterwards was my high fertility days. me && my husband are TTC so we had sex 5x during my high fertility days (this is a bit abnormal for us lol. we usually have sex very sporatically, not on a schedule, but hey, i was nice each time && practice is fun && you kno we wanna get pregnant so ya gotta do wat ya gotta do, i reckon :D )

anyway. yesterday i noticed sum spotting when i got up && went to the bathroom at the start of my day. it wasn't a lot && i just shrugged it off, put on a pad (just in case) && decied to wait && c wat today brought. more spotting. it's dark in sum spots (like a crimson color) && almost blackish in other spots (on the pad) but when i have my regular period sometimes towards the last day or if i'm extremely heavy that month, my blood starts getting really dark, so it's not abnormal for me to have darker blood..wat i'm concerned about is..well, y am i bleeding now? 0_o

i'm due my June period on the 1st (i'm tracking everything on my phone app && i've been very good at keeping up with everything) so idk if it's from the hormone meds the gyno gave me (my husband thinx this is the answer) or if it's implantation blood? i wanted to wait til after the 1st to test bc you kno my period could come on it's allotted day and there might not be anything more to it. but if i'm still spotting (or full-blown bleeding over the weekend) i'm gonna call my gyno && go in. i kno they'll get tired of seeing me lol, but i need answers considering i'm TTC && this is all new to me && idk wat's goin on with all this spotting..

so wat do ya'll think? like i said, we had sex during my high fertility days, he ejaculated inside me, && atleast 1 of those encounters were on an extremely high fertitlity day.
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