methorphan (methorphan) wrote in vaginapagina,

stomach ulcer and unbelievable, burning, horrible pain during sex

i realized that i have a stomach ulcer saturday morning. this is something that i am positive about.

after i felt my stomach tear, the days afterwards my vulva is extremely painful and burns so badly to the touch. i started to have sex with plenty of foreplay and my own lubricant. i couldn't handle it, i felt paralyzed and had to get him off and then i started crying and the pain wouldn't go away for hours. i just tried again and he put it in all the way, i screamed in agony and pulled myself off and i'm still shivering and sobbing from the immense pain and burning sensation. it's unbearable. i hate this. i hate that i can't have sex and that he can't even though me. i need to know if this is related to the ulcer which is in my upper abdomen. does that have anything to do with painful sex? i need this to go away now.
i take hbc and stopped bleeding a few days ago and i'm certain that i took my tampon out, but just to double check i out my finger in as far as i could and felt nothing. there was no string or anything in there at all, even though that could have been the cause of the pain i know there's nothing in there.
he didn't feel any pain when i got on top of him and pushed it in.

i'm scared and don't know what to do about it. i need to know the cause of this and i hate the pain and it's just bullshit and i want to fuck and not be a whiney little baby every time we try.

i have no insurance so i can't go to a doctor for the ulcer or to get an examination to determine why sex and touching is so fucking painful. i need help.


will this go away when my ulcer seals up? are they related at all? what can i do?? i can't stop panicking because i'm so afraid of everything and idk i just really need some help here, please help me

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