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HPV Questions and Concerns

HPV isn't something I'm very familiar with and after doing a lot of searches online and reading through the HPV tag here on Vagina Pagina I still have a few questions. Please forgive me if you lot feel like I'm beating a dead horse as you read through this post. I'm involved in a polyamorous relationship, myself and two men. One of them thinks he might have HPV, and we have taken precautions against this. His previous (female) partner tested positive for HPV on a pap and after a year tested negative, I personally had no idea that HPV could ever go away and what I've been reading has very conflicting reviews. Assuming that he has the same strain as his previous partner, what are his chances of having this also leave his system? He had one occurrence in the last two years that he believed to be an outbreak, but by the time Planned Parenthood got him in to be tested it had cleared up and they told him to come back if he ever thought he had an outbreak again, which hasn't happened since. There also seems to be some sort of fear campaign going on about condoms and their effectiveness against transferring HPV online. Some websites will say that they're affective and others will basically say that you will catch HPV and you will die. I understand that if there is a lesions some place that the condom isn't covering there is a chance, but with out the presence of an outbreak on an area that isn't a mucus membrane, what are the chances of contracting it? I'm trying to gather more information to decide if this is an acceptable risk to me and the non-affected male party and will appreciate any information someone wants to throw at me.

The TL;DR version:

  • Male person A of a poly relationship has/had HPV
  • Person's A partner that he got HPV from tested positive but no longer tests positive, is it gone?
  • What are the odds that Person A's HPV has also cleared their system?
  • How affective are condoms against HPV and what are the chances of possibly passing it to Person B?
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