ohnotaylor (ohnotaylor) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stacking Pills and Insurance Coverage

Today I went to the gynecologist to renew my prescription for birth control. In order to treat my heavy periods my doctor prescribed that three packs of desogen be given to me at once (therefore only four refills total) in order to skip my periods. When I went to the pharmacy to pick up my packs the tech only gave me one pack of pills. I asked her why since my doctor wrote on the script to give me 3 at once. She said that my insurance will only pay for one a month. I pointed out that if that was the case my prescription would run out in three months (since my doc only wrote 4 refills) and I wouldn't be able to skip my periods to treat my heavy bleeding. The tech just shrugged and told me to call my doctor to write a script for 8 more refills (ignoring the fact that if I refill once a month they still won't pay for it in time to skip my periods).

I was under the impression that if my doctor wrote the script that way they have to pay for it. (I'm not sure why it matters anyway because it costs the same in the end.)I'm not sure what I should do. Has anyone had this happen to them? Am I SOL? When I told the doctor how heavy my periods were her eyes almost bugged out of her head and I would hate to know that I can have relief from this except the freakin' insurance company feels as if they can come between me and my doctor.

Just wanted to vent and see if anyone has any advice, thanks!
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