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Random Bleeding, Lots of Frequent Brown Discharge, Etc.

Hello VPers!

So, I posted something that is directly related to this post many months ago. I got some amazing advice and stress relief. So, I'm back again for your experience and knowledge on strange vaginal behavior. I'll try to keep it short (probably not too likely to happen)!

Basic Info:
-18 years of age
-No STDs
-On Depo Provera birth control (I was put on this by my general physician because I was beginning to have problems with my menstrual cycle and "yeast infections" while on the pill)
-Sexually active, but have been with the same person for a year and a half.
-I always had strange discharge since shortly after I had my first period.

I am becoming very worried about this on-going issue that doesn't seem to go away. It started off with weird discharge that varied in color from yellow to green to brown, and although I was put on the Depo shot which got rid of my periods for the first two months, I began having very random period-like-things that would last no longer than 24 hours. Often, they were only existent for a few hours. For the last several months, (4-6) I've been getting intensely crippling pains that just rip through both my lower and upper abdomen, especially around the ovaries. These stabs of pain are definitely nothing like menstrual cramps. Well, it seems these pains are directly related to bouts of heavy, deep-dark brown discharge or straight out bleeding. The bleeding doesn't have much of a period consistence to it, it seems very thin and very bright red.

While these pains frequently occur at random points with seemingly no rhyme or reason, they are guaranteed to show up any time I sneeze, cough, laugh too hard, move too fast, or simply stretch out too far. Upon sneezing or coughing, I automatically get a short, but heavy amount of blood. I also bleed every time I exercise, no matter if it's simply jogging out to the mailbox, jumping on the trampoline, or go on a bike ride. No matter how intense or incredibly mild the exercise is, I bleed.

This is where the most frustrating part comes in: I went to the hospital once for the painful symptoms, but no the bleeding which had not yet been a great issue. They did both types of ultrasounds and found nothing. They did say my intestines were "backed-up" and that was the cause for the pain, so I cleaned out my body and have been making sure that I'm all clear there. Well, when the pain started relating itself to this strange bleeding and discharge, I went to a doctor who deemed it a yeast infection and gave me medication for it: one day pill. The next time I visited this same doctor with no improvements in condition, he upped the dose and gave me three days worth. Nothing. So I switched doctors, and I went in very concerned with these very off behaviors in my body. He agreed to do a pelvic exam, but the moment he took a look, he said, "that's a yeast infection, I'm absolutely sure." despite me telling him that this was not the case. No tests were done, except for STDs and he prescribed two weeks worth of Diflucan 200 mg pills to be taken once a day. Alas, big surprise, no change. I can't seem to get a single damn doctor to listen to me.

So, I'm simply looking for input on what I should do at this point. I can go to an actual OBGYN, but the appointment will take weeks to open. I'm not sure if I should go to the emergency room, because I am unsure of whether or not it's serious enough for a trip there. I'm really just afraid of it being some sort of infection that could easily be dealt with, but hasn't been and becomes dangerous. If you've stuck with me through all the dirty details, thank you very much, and I will appreciate your input even more.

Thanks Ahead Of Time!!

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