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Vulvodynia & Sex

Hi, everyone! 

I've looked through the vulvodynia tag, but I've just got a few questions to any of you who deal with not only vulvodynia but anyone who manages sex & pain with some degree of success. 

I've been having sex now for a little over a year, and have never found the experience particularly pleasurable. On the contrary, it's always painful. A few months ago I was diagnosed with vulvodynia, specifically localised vulvodynia, and I was given liodcaine to use, but my doctor hasn't been all that instructive.

Is that how anyone with vulval pain gets around sex? With numbing cream? I tried out lidocaine on the back of my hand a few weeks ago and it didn't seem to work, so I probably didn't put enough on or something. As well as that, I'm guessing lidocaine + condoms is a no, and so would that mean I have to put it on and then wait until the area is numb, then wash it off and carry on? Talk about killing the moment. 

Is there any way that any of you have learnt to find sex pleasurable, even with the pain? My boyfriend's sex drive is way higher than mine, I could easily go, well, forever, without sex, but I'm having it about once a week at the moment. 

Any input would be much appreciated!
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