timely_matter (timely_matter) wrote in vaginapagina,

Colposcopy and biopsy nastiness

So I got a colposcopy 2 days ago and they took 2 biopsy samples (with no numbing at all, jerks). Now I smell like vinegar, and have been expelling these quarter sized chunks of coffee ground like discharge, as well as chunks of white, that almost looks like skin.....

This is beyond disgusting. I feel it when I'm working, and am having a hard time dealing with it because I can't leave it for long so I'm always taking bathroom breaks and such. How long does this last? My gyn warned me about the coffee ground stuff, but not the chunks of white.

Also, I will be getting all of the abnormal cells removed within the next 2 weeks. Either by leep or cone biopsy. Am I going to have to go through this nasty discharge and smell again for weeks after? I'm mostly concerned as I will be starting training for summer camp counselors on the 4th, and will be riding horses a lot, as well as expected to go in the pool. I don't know how I'm supposed to explain to them that I shouldn't be in a pool or lake, or how to deal with being on a horse for 2 hours when my vajayjay is expelling chunks of crap.

I'm just so stressed about all of this, it came at the worst time possible, since I can't skip staff training or I won't be able to work this summer. Amy insight on any of this would be greatly appreciated.
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