Adorkable (firelie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Expelled IUD, second time's the charm?

Thanks for the help on my previous post here. I tried the pink dye tests like someone suggested and that came out negative as well. Then I went and got a test at Planned Parenthood just to be sure (49 days is the longest I've gone without a period, so I was kinda freaking out) and that came out negative as well, but since I was there, I had them check the strings on my IUD... Turns out it had partially expelled, so they had to take it out. Boo. :(

I'm kinda nervous about it not working the second time... I had a blood clot in the past from birth control pills, so I don't really have many non-hormonal contraceptive options left that aren't annoying (condoms are so bleh).

So now my question is, has anyone had an expelled/partially expelled IUD? Did you have a new one put in later? Did that one stay? 
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