half-pint horror (raqs_loki) wrote in vaginapagina,
half-pint horror

waxing prep/etiquette

I'm going in for my first Brazilian tomorrow and want to know how best to prepare. I know to shower beforehand to be courteous, but...

1. Should I expect irritation & swelling (enough to prevent sexytimes that night)? Bleeding? Can I take some kind of NSAID to help reduce irritation?

2. What about, uh, wetness? I realize it's a natural thing so I'm not necessarily embarrassed, just feeling a little weird. It would probably prevent the wax sticking properly so I figure they have to have a way of addressing it and are used to it, but I'm also in that kinda "juicy" phase in my cycle.

3. And this has probably been asked infinity times and is useless/irrelevant because YMMV; and I plan to TAKE IT LIKE A WOMAN and be brave, but how bad does it hurt? The hair is at least 1/4" long (forgot to shave for a while and then figured I'd "save up" til it was waxable length). I've only ever had brow waxing before but that's much less hair and much finer.

Also yes I will tip her :)
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